Marijuana and Its Legality


The legality of weed is a confusing topic which many tend to wonder about. The advantages and disadvantages of the product have led many countries to come up with various decisions surrounding the product. So to clear up all your thoughts of doubt and disbelief, here we bring you some of the countries in the world and their legality concerning Marijuana.

United States of America

Surveys and research have shown that around 62% of the people living in the country support the cause of legality of Marijuana. Due to all such results, there are various states that have legalized the use of Marijuana. As many as 42 states have legalized the plant, but mainly for medical purposes. When studies where published talking in elaborate about its medicinal properties, heads of numerous states took note and went ahead towards legalization. The country has fought a long-pending legal battle when it comes to legalization. As a result, some of them emerged victorious, and others are still in the terms and conditions.

States of America


When it comes to legalization, Canada has a different story to tell. The country has legalized the sale and consumption of the plant throughout the entire region. The Canadian Act provided such powers to the people after a long legal battle. But there are specific regulations attached to the law. For example, in Ontario one can purchase weed through online platforms that are run by the government and in places like Saskatchewan, only licensed retail stores are allowed to sell the product.


History will always remember the fact that Uruguay was the first country to completely legalize weed in 2013. As of 2017, the country also began the sale of Marijuana, which as an industry is doing pretty well. Uruguay stands as an example to the rest of the world, as they believe in the medicinal properties of weed. If other countries can legalize the use of Tobacco products and Alcohol, then one wonders about Marijuana.


The legality surrounding weed is quite strange in the country of Spain. Sale of Weed is illegal in the country, but authorities do not take any action against people who grow and consume the product privately. The country is also known for its various Cannabis clubs where membership is not so hard to get.

South Africa

The constitutional court of South Africa made a remarkable decision when they decided to legalize weed. People around the country now have the freedom to use Marijuana privately and can also grow the plant for personal use. This decision was received well by the general public, as they all see it as an opportunity to transform sales and growth. The factor of legalization might be hard to reach, but on the plus side, countries have a lot to gain by going ahead and making the decision.


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